Monday, March 23, 2009

Moving right along

Last week I felt my first identifiable Braxton Hicks contraction; other than that small milestone I really don't have a whole lot that's new or exciting to report. 24 weeks came and went without fanfare. It's comforting to know that if anything would happen from here on out, everything possible would be done for my daughter. I try not to think about anything happening though. I have plenty of years left to worry about her health and safety. Right now she's in one of the safest places she'll ever be, and I'm doing everything I can to make sure she and I are both healthy and happy for the next 15+ weeks and beyond.

Chances are that anyone who asks me how I'm feeling these days is going to get the same response: tired but doing well. That pretty much sums it all up. I'm not sleeping through the night regularly (whether is be because I need to pee or because I'm having a weird dream or even a nightmare) so dragging myself through the day is getting harder. I think really starting to hate my job situation has something to do with that as well; I can't believe it took so long. In any case though, the situation is what it is and I know I'm stuck for now.

Kayla is doing great though. I love feeling her move, especially since her sleeping and waking patterns are starting to become more regular. I no longer panic if she's quiet for a couple of hours. I still grin like an idiot every time she kicks me with all her strength. It's a wonderful thing.

This weekend was good, filled with fun times with friends while we watched the NCAA tourney. Guess who got 15 of the Sweet 16 teams correct... OH YEAH! My Elite 8 is still intact as well. We'll see how long that lasts. Until the games restart on Thursday though, I'm just going to enjoy being tied for first place in our pool. Sunday I finally took some time to just stay home and get the house cleaned up. I also got to watch Twilight, which arrived in the mail on Saturday. YAY!

I guess for now I'm just going to keep on keeping on until my next appointment, which is now 2 weeks away. I still struggle to grasp how fast the days are flying by now. Seeing 15 weeks 5 days as the time remaining in my pregnancy this morning was extremely surreal. Wow. I can't imagine what it's going to be like once we hit May and we have something going on every single weekend for that month and into June. It's going to be interesting. Never a dull moment in our house.


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