Monday, March 30, 2009

More hurry up and wait

I still don't have much new to report; my spastic little inhabitant loves making her presence known and I love knowing she's there. Shaun sat with me for a bit this weekend and was able to feel her kick as well. I wish he could be over here with me in the mornings; it seems mornings are her favorite time to tap dance in there. I really wish I had a window to watch her move. When I see depictions of how big she's getting relative to her current home, it just blows me away.

This weekend was pretty nice; we went out to dinner on Friday night and went to Babies R Us to pick up two more little outfits for Kayla. We also did a little furniture shopping, but haven't purchased anything. After finding our coffee table sort of in pieces on Thursday, we decided that something a bit sturdier than glass resting on a wooden frame is probably in order. I'm not going to stress about it until Kayla is crawling and threatening to start pulling herself up, but if we can find something reasonable between now and then, so much the better. We need to go to Ikea to look for a little bookshelf for her room anyway, so we'll have a look there when we go. We spent some more time watching the NCAA Tournament with our friends (speaking of which - I'm done. I got 0 - yes that's zero - of the Final Four) and survived one heck of a storm on Sunday. It was brief but intense - some quarter sized hail, crazy winds and torrential downpours. It was scary for a couple of minutes, but thankfully we didn't find any damage on the front of the house or either car. One of these days we will have a house where we can garage at least one vehicle... maybe even both.

Thankfully now our next appointment is only a week away, and they will be every two weeks after that until June, when they'll go to weekly until I deliver. I'm so excited for things to continue moving forward; the more days that go by, the more anxious I feel. For now I'm just sitting and waiting and counting down the days... Only 103 more to go!


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