Thursday, March 12, 2009

It was bound to happen...

A midwife finally spoke up about my weight gain. She said she'd like to see me not putting on so much so quickly. *le sigh* I guess my days of being happier than a pig in slop while enjoying dessert are over with. I need to step away from the cheeses and stop eating so many grapes on grocery day (so much for "they're just grapes!"). It's back to salads with fat free dressing and strict portion control from here on out. As long as my resolve holds. Which I make no promises about. It's a good thing I enjoyed my Arby's meal so thoroughly last night... it's the last I'll be having for a while.

Other than that, everything is fine. Kayla was moving around a lot while the midwife was trying to get her heartbeat on the doppler, per her usual MO. My belly measured 23 cm, right on for 22 1/2 weeks. (Isn't it amazing that with all the technology out there, one of the best ways they can measure your and your baby's growth is still with a tape measure?) The midwife did get a big smile on her face when she looked over the report from our ultrasound 2 weeks ago and said that as she was "sure we were told during the scan" that our baby is "perfect and growing right on track." There is no better news that an anxious mommy to be could hear.

All in all it seems like everything is going OK. I have my next appointment in about 4 weeks for my next midwife visit, my glucose tolerance test and some other blood work, including a Hepatitis C test they realized I should have gotten in the beginning because I have a tattoo that was (at the time I got pregnant) less than a year old. Hopefully by then I'll have my weight gain under control and please at least one of the midwives who sees me over the next few months.


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Tyler's Story... said...

if you get a choice for the glucose test... pick orange! Glad to hear all is well~
Tyler's mom