Monday, March 16, 2009

Other Developments

It occurrs to me that I failed to mention our daycare visit last Tuesday afternoon. We reserved Kayla a spot at St. Paul's Christian Child Care for when I return to work (hopefully only 3 days a week) starting in September. Gail (the director of the daycare) showed us around and told us a bit about how each day is structured for all the age groups that attend there. We started with the rooms for some of the older kids, and then ended our tour in the infant room. All the babies seemed happy and well cared for. I got to babble and play a little bit with a baby girl that was about 3 months old. She was absolutely one of the most adorable things I'd ever seen. It made me that much more anxious for Kayla's arrival.

I am still apprehensive about having to leave my little angel in someone else's care when she's a mere 8 weeks old, but I know that there is just no way around it for now. There's also no way it would be any easier if I could stay home until she was 5 or 6 years old and I were dropping her off for her first day of Kindergarten. This way I know she's going to start getting socialization at a very young age, and in the case that we wouldn't have any more children, this will be really important for her later years. The director of the place is wonderful; she knew every parent and child we crossed paths with by name, and could tell us which kids had siblings in what age groups. I was really impressed by that.

So we've now hit 23 weeks and Kayla is the size of a Papaya. Her movements are getting stronger all the time. There are moments that I'll feel a jab and it's as though my entire abdomen jumps. I'm hoping that the anterior placenta will hamper Shaun's ability to feel her moving less in the near future. That's something I've been looking forward to sharing ever since I felt those first little pokes back at the end of January.

Shaun's mom gave us a really cute little outfit she picked up for Kayla yesterday. It's adorable. I swear, it gets harder and harder every day to keep myself from running off to Target or BRU or Kohl's and spending a small fortune on teeny tiny baby clothes. Less than 2 months till the baby shower, then I can go out and fill in any gaps on a shopping trip of my own. I'm so looking forward to that.


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